Don\'t worry
She's comin' Home.

Nice to meet you.

First I have to agree with Mandy. She's absolutely right with her opinion, that this layout thing is very difficult to manage. If she can't get it right, I'll never ever manage that.

So Mandy? If you are very chilled out and relaxed, would you be so kind and help me with that layout thing? Alone I'll never get it right. Another topic now.

It's ... Weekend! ♥ And my sister's coming home tomorrow, and we'll visit the 'weihnachtsmarkt' :'D in lüneburg; and I'm really looking forward to see her, because we're going to the cinema and will watch new moon. I've already seen it, but she hasn't so she begged me, to come with her and I couldn't say no. And I have to admint, that I want to see this movie again, although a lot of people say, that twilight was hell of a lot better, but I don't think so at all. new moon is much better, although the story is boring and kinda stupid. all i can say is: watch it yourself (;

By the way: I'm going to go to my second Jennifer Rostock concert in April; with my beloved Mandy ♥ It's gonna be amazing, as everything I'm doing with Mandy (:

4.12.09 14:42


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