Don\'t worry
Second (& maybe last) One for Today.

Hello. Hello. Good to be back. :'D

Just kidding. As you can simply see, i'm in my english mood right now. Writing english all the time with fabi in msn & babbling something no one ever understands. :'D doesn't matter to me either, it's fun and i just love this language so please excuse me and don't be mad at me, if my english sucks. it's not my mother tongue. (of course it's not, i'm german.) whatever. mandy just wrote one more of these awesome blogs. and i agree with her. jude law 's just awesome; hottie ♥____♥ i wouldn't mind beeing the nanny for his kids, if he treated me like he treated the other nannys :'D yeah. i'm just dreaming of something what will never ever happen in my whole life. but who honestly cares? no one. exactly. just me. and here we are again. i'm just dreaming of beeing the nanny of jude law's kids :'D stupid.

and now i have to leave. very abruptly. but my love has just arrived.

2.12.09 18:42


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